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CLE: Stress Management for Attorneys: Ethical Traps for the Unwary

The American Bar Association Model Rules 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 address the relationship a lawyer has with his or her client. From competence and diligence to adequacy and quality of communication with a client, a lawyer’s ability to meet these duties can become impaired when a lawyer suffers from chronic stress. This course addresses what constitutes chronic stress, the many ways lawyers unknowingly suffer from chronic stress, and the ethical arenas and specific ethical duties that are often violated as a result of chronic stress.

Francine Tone is available to present this program to private firms or any attorney group or association. California MCLE Certificates will be provided by Francine Tone, an approved provider #18410, who certifies this activity has been approved for 1 Hour continuing education by the State Bar of California in the subfield: Substance Abuse/Mental Illness.

Available On-Demand at This program was delivered to the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity at is August 2020 Biennial Convention.


“Helpful course for any time, but especially for 2020. Gave me some things to put into practice and think about going forward.” Matthew J.

“Informative and authentic presentation. A good reminder of how things can go so very wrong so quickly, or unwittingly over time.” Ron W.

“Excellent! Should be required for ALL attorneys!” Carrie K.

“Very useful course. I would listen to it even if it was not a CLE credit.” Shawn Q.

“One of the best programs I have seen on the topic. Very interesting and engaging, with really sound practical suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to provide this lesson!” Marian W.

“I loved the connection between the physical impact of stress, tips to reduce stress, and how this impacts ethics. Interesting presentation-nicely done.” Julie F.

“Very good presentation important for all lawyers to be aware of and understand stress. Great presentation.” Gerard M.

“Thanks, great presenter and this program was really interesting and informative as well as appropriate for these unusually stressful times, thanks again.” Catherine H.

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