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What do Lions have to do with Being a Lawyer?

While many attorneys are winning battles in the courtroom, they are losing battles in their lives. They are often overworked, unappreciated, and unhappy; and attorneys are almost four times more likely to suffer from depression than people working in other fields. The suicide rate is so alarming, several Bar Associations are working on combating the crises in the industry. How did it get so bad? Are you at risk? Is your partner or an associate at risk?

Attorneys, as do so many people, suffer from chronic stress, but don't recognize the stressors in their lives. These stressors are your Lions. You can't see them. You don't recognize them. But the Lions are present. These invisible lions are wreaking havoc on you, your law practice and those around you, including your clients.

Stop Letting Invisible Lions Eat Your Practice

American Bar Association Model Rule 1.1 and California Rules of Professional Responsibility Rule 1.1 (eff. 11/1/18) require attorneys to be competent. To most attorneys, these rules have traditionally meant that you take only those cases for which you have adequate skill or knowledge in the subject matter. But Francine Tone believes competency is more than just being an expert in the subject matter of your client's case. Your competency involves your mental, emotional and physical ability to perform at your best.

This course helps you identify your Lions and manage them so you don't keep running like a warthog, day in and day out. Become Aware | Gain Control | Stay Competent.

This program is available to Local, County and State Bar Associations (for all jurisdictions). Contact FRANCINE TONE to book this CLE for your Bar Association. If your jurisdiction (state or country) has ethical rules relating to competence, this CLE course is relevant to your practice.

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