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Ethics Course Approved by California State Bar

The California State Bar has approved Francine Tone as a Continuing Education Provider to present her program "Keeping Client Trust Even When Things Go Wrong" for 1-Hour Ethics credit.

Keeping Your Client's Trust Even When Things Go Wrong


Francine Tone, an appellate law specialist and author of the #1 bestselling book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know, explores the question: How do we help our clients experience the legal system without walking away with a cynical view of the system, the judiciary and even their own lawyer? Join a provocative (and sometimes humorous) presentation on what lawyers can do, beyond the bare minimum ethical requirements, to fulfill our higher ethical calling without making ourselves crazy. The discussion addresses how to eliminate grumblings, complaints and malpractice claims with client relations and communications beyond the bare minimum.

OBJECTIVES · Present an overview of Cal. Rules of Responsibility Rule 3-500, ABA Model Rules of conduct 1.3 and 1.4 and Business & Professions Code sec. 6068 · Discuss how the ethics standards found in the rules are bare minimums but our duty to the client is much greater and embracing the higher duty results in stronger relationships with clients that can withstand litigation pitfalls. · Develop an understanding of developing attorney-client relationships that survive the heated battles of litigation. · Show that clients who are educated are better clients who are primed to listen to instructions and advice from their lawyers. · Recommend strategies to foster communications that build strong attorney-client relationships that withstand the test of litigation.

CONCLUSION Clients need to be “primed” with information far in advance to events occurring in order to develop and preserve the trusted attorney-client relationship necessary in legal representation. Attorneys need to be aware of the information the client needs in order to avoid often inevitable reactions by clients which results in the breakdown of the attorney-client relationship. All of this “priming” needs to be done at the beginning of the lawsuit and at the beginning of the attorney-client relationship. Anticipating the potential pitfalls of litigation and dealing with them at the beginning will firmly establish solid attorney-client relationships that can withstand the battles of litigation. The communication needs are far greater than the minimum required by the rules of professional conduct. Yet, little more effort is required by the lawyer.

To book a presentation for your Bar Association, Attorney Group or Law Firm, please contact Francine Tone directly via email.

MCLE certificates will be provided by Francine Tone, an approved provider #18410, who certifies this activity has been approved for One (1) Hour minimum continuing education, including the subfield Ethics by the State Bar of California.

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