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What Every Good Lawyer Wants You To Know - Now a Book

Finally, all the information that we have been giving our clients over the past 30 years to prepare them for what is to come in their involvement in the legal system is now written down and published in this book.

Why a book? By writing the book, I had the time to consider all the information I had been imparting to clients for the past 30 years and make sure I included everything I wanted to include. Because it's a book, it was professionally edited to make sure that the information

was delivered in an understandable way. Now I give this book to my clients and ask them to read it as a condition of starting an attorney-client relationship. Clients love having the book - it gives them the information they need to understand and appreciate the legal system and their roles.

What I have found is that we, as lawyers, take for granted so much of what happens in the legal process. It's easy to forget that our clients don't understand some of what seems so routine to us. By giving clients insight into not only routine matters, but also some difficult problems that can arise, clients become more engaged in ways that help the attorney-client relationship. Fear and anger are often held in check and clients become a viable member of the problem-solving team.

Available at Amazon

The book is available for Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon. For some excerpts from the book and reviews, please visit the Book Website at

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