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California Approved Multi-Program CLE Provider. 

Business Strategist, Speaker & Workshop Leader helping law firms develop lifelong relationships with top clients, improving realization rates, and creating freedom.

Host of Front Porch Lawyer: Practice Law Without Stress and With Life Integration. 


CLE Presenter demonstrating that supercharging ethics is at the foundation of business growth, increasing client retention and improving profits and life integration.


Faculty Member at, a premier online CLE provider with over 160,000 attorneys earning CLE credits.

Francine is featured in's "Top Women Faculty of 2019" and "Top Women Faculty of 2020."

CLE Programs
offered In-Person or Virtually


Professionalism: What They Didn't Teach You in Law School Can Hurt You.

Judges and Bar Associations are crying out for more professionalism in the legal community. Find out skills that are missing in a lawyer's toolbox that you can learn and use today to directly address this issue. 

"Great presenter with lots of helpful information that I can implement." 

Dianna B.

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Stress Management for Attorneys: Ethical Traps for the Unwary

Course covers the impact of chronic stress on an attorney's fitness to practice law.

One of the best programs I have seen on the topic. Very interesting and engaging, with really sound practical suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to provide this lesson!” Marian W

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Keeping Your Client's Trust Even When Things Go Wrong

Why do clients get upset even after you've done everything you could? This course explores this question in depth.

"The El Dorado County Bar Association has been holding monthly CLE's for at least 5 years. After your presentation, I smiled with pride when someone said something like this, 'Wow, you really snatched a good one!'" -Katherine Baily, Executive Director, El Dorado County Bar Association.​

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Examining the Role of Thought Distortions in an Ethical Attorney's Practice: How to Control Your Brain's Automatic Thought Patterns and Communicate More Effectively

Learn a three-step emotional management tool that disrupts thought distortion, avoid inappropriate reactions and improve your communication skills.

"Every person should take this CLE. This self realization is so helpful when one is working to grow their ability to communicate." Shivani M.

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Ethics of Attorney Advertising (1).png

Ethics of Client Communication: Using Emotional Intelligence Competencies to Improve Your Communication Skills

A lawyer’s failure to communicate is the number one issue clients cite in bar complaints, complaints over attorney fees, bad reviews online, and even malpractice claims. What is getting missed in translation? 

Presenter focuses on elements of communication that are often ignored. Presentation and substance were excellent. Very impressive." Carol B.

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Overcoming the Impact of Chronic Stress

Ever feel like you just don't have any more bandwidth to deal with the next problem (much less a crises)

"We really enjoyed hosting you and your presentation was fantastic! You are not only a good speaker but you also shared very valuable information that all lawyers need." - Susan Damron, Esq., Director of Educational Programs, Oklahoma Bar Association

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IMPLICIT (1).png

Implicit Bias: Do We Have a Choice?

Implicit Bias: Become aware and move to action to combat the negative effects of unconscious bias (the bias you don't even realize you have).

"Very interesting presenter. Easy to follow and listen to."

"Ms. Tone is up to date and very informative."

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Ethics of Attorney Advertising (2).png

Cyberspace Danger Zones: The Ethics of Attorney Advertising

What constitutes “advertising” and “communications” under the rules of ethics? The answer isn’t always clear.

“I thought this was the best Seminar I have seen on Lawyer Advertising, and I have attended several Seminars on this issue.” Ronald J.

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